We at Paper Heart Events believe your wedding should truly reflect you as a couple.  We specialize in making your wedding very personalized, unique, and memorable.  We encourage you to push traditional boundaries and do what YOU want to do, not just what is expected.  We'll handle everything from coordinating your vendors and setting up your decor to making sure the day runs smoothly and you have the time of your life.  You get to take in each moment, from saying yes, to stepping into the getaway car as the new Mr. & Mrs.

MEET holly

Founding owner/Lead Planner

I grew up in Illinois and moved to Southern California in the early 2000's. I met my wonderful husband (online!) in 2010 and we got married in 2013. That's when I fell in love with wedding planning! You see, I found that I loved the planning process just as much as I loved my actual wedding day (don't tell my husband that!)! I just knew, from that point forward, that I had found my calling!

We now have 2 beautiful (and sassy) children that definitely keep us on our toes! I absolutely love rediscovering the world through their eyes!

People would describe me as extremely organized, very attentive to detail, and pretty straight forward. I'm always thinking one step ahead, just to be prepared. To unwind and distract my ever-racing mind, I love shopping, going to the pool, and watching reality TV (think Big Brother, Survivor, etc.)!


Here are some of my favorite things

On April 19th, 2013, I married my amazing husband, Shawn.  We now have 2 kids: Tatum & Maddox..

01. MY family

My husband often jokes that I won't watch a show unless someone is getting voted off!

03. reality tv

I don't know what I'd do without coffee in my life!

02. coffee

Sometimes you just need to wind down & relax!  My current drink of choice is a moscow mule!  YUM!

04. alcohol


principal planner & stylist

My passion in life has always been people, their stories and helping to create everlasting memories. I first began as a photographer in the industry but quickly fell in love with wedding planning and the ability to help execute the perfect event for my clients.

The first wedding I had the pleasure of planning was my own in 2017, which of course Holly coordinated. Watching all the details come together was very satisfying and from then I was hooked. Together my husband and I have 4 amazing children, who definitely keep us busy!

In my downtime, you can usually find me volunteering or coaching, reading a good book, or watching stand up comedy specials. 


Here are some of my favorite things

I'm a history fanatic.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in History from CSUCI..

01. history

My family and I really enjoy going to baseball games.  Go Dodgers!

03. baseball

The office is my go to show to watch.  It's absolutely hilarious!

02. the office

I enjoy reading during my spare time.

04. reading

"Holly was a life saver in planning my wedding.  My husband and I agree that hiring her was the best decision we ever made"

- robin + brian

"Working with Holly was a dream.  SHe was incredible detail-oriented and thorough.  Her number one priority was us the entire time.  She was really there to make sure it was the best day of our lives."

- madeline + kyle

"Holly is amazing!  Perhaps one of the most important ways she helped us, was in making sure we were present and got to experience our own wedding."

- danielle + alex